Enclosure Manufacturing

With Pritchard Electronics bieng located on the same premises as the Morris Group’s other manufacturing facilities we are capable of producing metal fabrication enclosures quickly and with precision in a simple four step procedure, which will provide you with exactly what you require with the minimum of fuss.

Step 1

Provide us with engineering drawing of the enclosures you require or provide our staff with the concept of what you want your product to look like.

Step 2

Allow our staff to produce prototypes for your approval. Adjustments to your design of enclosure and decal can be made.

Step 3

Placement of all electronics, connectors and decals which will provide you with a final product design

Step 4

Final design changes and product construction. Your product can be constructed at the quantities required.

For large and long term production of all enclosures, overseas procurement of enclosures can be organised which will provide you with the lowest possible price.

Mass produced plastic enclosures.

If your enclosures is one of the many industry provided enclosure pritchard electronics will be happy to mill all indicator and switch fittings on that enclosure in house allowing precise placement to the PCB board and providing a better and quality product.