Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey is your application designed, engineered, manufactured and delivered to you the customer.

Small and middle size original equipment manufacturers (OEM) are gradually moving towards sub contractors like Pritchard Electronics. OEM’s find the time, space and money to source staff with the capabilities and experience to efficiently produce the OEM’s product from start to shipment within Australia slowly going further out of there reach.

Pritchard Electronics can provide an Australian manufacturing solution providing engineering and manufacturing experience using local talents. If you currently have a product on the market and require a full or part construction or a new concept pritchard Electronics can offer a trouble free solution to your needs.

To make your product a reality Pritchard Electronics can solve all unforeseen issues regarding part supply, product design and manufacturing pitfalls including staffing issues. This allows you time to focus on important marketing and travel the sales highways around the world to open new markets and opportunities. Please contact us and let us solve your problems.