Complete Turnkey Electronics Manufacturing Services

Pritchard Electronics provide PCB and complete product turnkey electronics manufacturing services across Australia.

Experience, Quality, Local Reliability & Customer Satisfaction

This is what Pritchard Electronics brings to the circuit board manufacturing industry in Australia. These are the factors that allow Pritchard Electronics provide a total turnkey solution for your PCB assembly and full product construction needs.

At Pritchard Electronics our goal is to provide the niche customer, YOU, with the highest standards of manufacturing, that industry can provide. At all production sizes from prototype boards to 10,000 per month, our quality systems will provide total product traceability from start to finish.

It has been noted by our customers the smaller the company the better the quality, the faster the turn around and the trouble free the service. Pritchard Electronics is not a faceless manufacturer in an Asian country, we are local and proudly Australian owned and with this, we will use our local experience to benefit you. Whether a phone call away or face to face service Pritchard Electronics will put a trouble free smile on all your circuit board assembly and turnkey productions.

Pritchard Electronics is now situated to allow on site Turnkey applications such as part procurement, PCB procurement, circuit board construction, conformal coating and potting, cabling and cable harness assembly, enclosure construction and milling, on site manufacture of fittings and mounting applications, with a full CNC machining and fabrication facility, testing, product Identification and packaging and shipping direct to your customer