About Us

Quality ISO 9001 QEC29835 Pritchard electronics was created in the Newcastle Hunter Valley region in the early 1980’s, by it’s founder Darryl Pritchard. He established the company to have a reputation of Reliability and Quality out side of the metropolitan areas of Sydney. In a short time it did, with local companies sourcing Pritchard Electronics as their main electronics manufacturer. From that point on new technologies in surface mount devices lead to the acquisition of new machinery and better techniques which Pritchard Electronics constantly kept in step with providing it’s customers the latest possible advantages.

As the premises in Warners bay became to small Pritchard Electronics relocated to Cardiff NSW. Acquiring more equipment and staff, it positioned itself as a Company attracting technology companies and opportunities to the Newcastle and Hunter Valley Area. In the 2004 Gary Freeman acquired Pritchard Electronics and continued to service the area with a Quality Product.

In June 2010 Gary Freeman retires and Pritchard Electronics is acquired by Linsey & Ashley Morris of the Morris Group, who for over 25 years have owned and managed D&N Engineering Supplies & GL McGavin in Lambton Newcastle N.S.W. The company relocates once again to 43-45 Orlando Road Lambton NSW to newly purpose build facilities within the Morris Group Complex. While keeping the experience of the original staff and using the facilities and staff of the Morris Group, Pritchard Electronics continued to expand and develop its turnkey approach to electronics manufacturing for current customers and continues to open new markets for the Morris Group.

Pritchard Electronics is now situated to allow on site Turnkey application such as parts procurement, PCB procurement, circuit board construction, conformal coating and potting, cabling and cable harness construction, enclosure construction and milling, on site manufacture of fittings and mounting applications with a full CNC machining and fabrication facility, testing, product identification and packaging/shipping direct to our customers.

Pritchard Electronics remains a niche Contract Manufacturer offering full customer support with point to point contact to help you solve your production concerns.

 LInsey Morris
 Ashley Morris