PCB Contract Assembly

What do you expect from a contract manufacturer?


The Morris Group, Pritchard Electronics Management and staff understand that performance in society today is as important as life it self. Pritchard Electronics performance objectives are based on critical business decisions which affect all aspects of our customer relations and staff commitment.

Integrity & Honesty

From the first contact with customers our sales and management team with inform and update the customer on all aspects of there Job, understanding that communication is as key as quantity and control.

Accuracy & Quality

Contract PCB assembly is a precise and quality driven environment requiring many factors to fall into place in the correct order and in exactly the correct position. Pritchard electronics staff experience and work place operating procedures allows these constraints to fall into place with little resistance.

Speed & deadlines

The prototyping Equipment at Pritchard allows for Quick production runs from 1 to 100 boards without long delays with setup allowing for a quick turnaround of both SMT and Through Hole Part placement.

Allowing time for curing Conformal Coating and Potting can be easy obtained with accurate and measured results.

Our process and time management structure allow us to place your job in a time slot and produce a product on time.